Aquaponics Mingle

Tasty TilapiaMingle and Aquaponics intro evening October 22nd

A chance for the aquaponics heads of Bristol to get together as well as an intro to the forthcoming 12 week Introduction to Aquaponics Course. Quick presentation on what aquaponics is, finding out why aquaponics is so interesting and having a quick look at what will be covered in the 12 week programme.  Should be a light hearted opportunity for meeting other people that have an interest in aquaponics in the area.

This invite is extended to aquaculture and hydroponics communities – after all we’ve rather a lot in common!

Drinks and nibbles will be provided :) though places as always are limited -

Please register here (Free) so we know how many people to expect :)

7-9pm The Pithay Studios, All Saints Street, Bristol, BS12LZ

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26th November – Policy and compliance in aquaculture and food production – With Keith Jeffery of the Fish Health Inspectorate, CEFAS


These days all sizes of aquaponics holdings should be registered with the Fish Health Inspectorate. As soon as your project is big enough / undertaking certain trading activities, you become subject to policy and compliance with the Fish Health Inspectorate managing this process through CEFAS.

The Fish Health Inspectorate has the role of helping to maintain the health of the UK’s fish and shellfish. Through the inspectorate’s work CEFAS improves businesses’ ability to trade openly outside the UK, reduce their losses from disease and help protect a valuable natural resource. Continue reading

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Bill & Bens HydroWorld Aquaponics

Originally posted on Bill And Bens HydroWorld:

So its been a while since I wrote about what been going on with Bill & Bens HydroWorlds Aquaponic setup. You may remember we took on the ‘Bristol Fish Projects’* Tilapia last year when they lost their site. This was great as we took the fish when they were established & semi grown so we didn’t have to cycle the water. We also took on one of their IBC’s (Intermediate bulk container) which we housed in a 2.4m x 1.2m Century Grow Tent using 2 x 125w Maxi Bright CFL’s (energy saving lamps) & 150w Dual Spec HPS (high Pressure Sodium bulbs when we need a bit of a light boost.



So having had a bit of an accident evolving a trapped air line to a temporary holding tank whilst trying to clean an infestation of Aphids from the Aquaponic area we restocked with 100 Koi Carp (The Tilapia…

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2014 Introduction to Aquaponics Course – October start

 IMG_2175We are pleased to announce our 2014 Introduction to Aquaponics Course will run over 12 weeks from October. It brings together experts in all the important aspects of aquaponic farming from tank to fork, and provides a good framework for someone wanting to set up a system of their own or train in the basics to run an aquaponic system. Check out the course on our courses page, or download the 2014 Introduction to Aquaponics Course Flyer. To register or for more info email

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Talk at SSE graduation

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2014 Introduction to Aquaponics Course

IMG_2182It seems there is demand for a repeat of last year’s introduction to aquaponics course – we haven’t really thought about advertising a course, but a few people have been in touch so if we can get together a big enough group then we can afford to run the course again. If you are interested in learning about commercial aquaponics; check out last year’s syllabus here, and get in touch. Bests! Alice and the Bristol Fish Project Team

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Course Starting October

Check out our courses page for more info

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