Annelies Leeuw

I’m Annelies and I joined the Bristol Fish Project as someone with an interest in all things green, from conservation biology to sustainable living.

My background is mainly in biology, where I made the odd journey from postgraduate studies in computational theoretical biology, via field assistant jobs at several zoological research projects in Scotland to, most recently, training and working in ecological consultancy in the Southwest. Somewhere along the road I also spent a year studying environmental protection and management (learning about topics like sustainability, water resource management, participation in policy and planning, wildlife conservation and more). After these wanderings, I feel quite at home at the Fish Project, where I can hopefully use some of my varied experience and pick up a few new skills too.


As Conservation and Outreach Manager, my main focus at the BFP is the conservation of the endangered European eel. I’ll be working together with a range of organisations and communities in Bristol and beyond to increase public awareness and to direct our eel restocking efforts. I’m also excited to be learning about innovative high-tech cultivation systems, and enjoy helping out with hands-on work at the aquaponics farm.