Previous Intern – Baptiste Grollier – Interning from France

I‘m Baptiste grollier, I am french and I learn aquaculture in ISETA (Institue des Sciences et de l’environnement & des Territoires d’annecy) after discovering the « Skygreens » Singapour company on internet. I am very interested in aquaponics systems : I began to test the aquaponic system with shrimps (for aquarium) on 0.5 m² in a 20 liters tank (very small experience) but I think that shrimps do not bring enough nutriments. The reproduction to the « redfire » shrimp is easy then I think I can obtain more nutriments by having more shrimps… I have also a forum where I post differents things about aquaponics systems (, I have tested the permaculture in my garden in Normandy and it works ! I visited aquacultural companies in Belgium and in Holland during my study trip : Tilaqua, Seafarm, Aquamossel, AquaERF, Omrgabaars, Crevtec, Tomalgae, the pilote of INAGRO University… I’m here to Bristol for practice aquaponics and all about it which will be the object of a internship report asked by my school. I am excited to make my internship in England. I hope I’ll have a good participation for the Bristol Fish Project in the month !  Baptiste Grollier