Ex-Director Pete Summers

I am a passionate advocate of environmental sustainability and have acquired many skills and much experience in the field. However, aquaponics has been a particular interest for me for a number of years now, as it combines my belief in changing the way we farm with reducing the levels of energy used in food production, particularly water. During the 1990s I was the co-owner of a successful conservation company specialising in accessing and recovering fauna & flora at height and in difficult terrain I believe in social enterprise and a sustainable economy as an alternative to big Ag, Pharma etc. As stated, my focus has since shifted to broader sustainability led interests. I am a qualified perma-culturalist and have for the past 2 years assisted as a volunteer at BioAqua, a financially self-sustainable aquaponics farm in Somerset. Aside from that, I am also a very experienced straw bale house builder and trainer, Orchardist, urban permaculture designer involved with Shift Bristol, and an all-rounder when it comes to project delivery on the ground!

I am particularly interested in resource recovery in the urban waste stream, and producing valuable products and resources/inputs, creating long term environmentally and financially sustainable incomes.


2 thoughts on “Ex-Director Pete Summers

    • alicemariearcher says:

      We really enjoyed doing the show! Thanks so much for inviting us 🙂 We’d love to do another one sometime on how local retired people can get involved with aquaponics in Bristol, and how we would love to benefit from their experience! 🙂 – Alice

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