Our Pledge for Bristol!

As a member of Bristol Food Producers we are committed to the broad principles of the Bristol Good Food Charter.

This is a pledge to producing food that is:

  • Good for people: everyone should have access to information, training and resources that enable them to grow, buy, cook, and enjoy good food.
  • Good for places: the public and policy-makers should support and value food enterprises who promote local jobs, prosperity and diversity, and treat workers well.
  • Good for the planet: food should be produced, processed, distributed and disposed of in ways that benefit nature.

For example –

  • We are transparent about our methods and welcome customer involvement.
  • We are working towards being, pesticide and petro-chemical free.
  • We are GM free
  • We have a commitment to organic principles, and are working towards producing a certification for produce derived from Aquaponics in Partnership with BAQUA.
  • We avoid artificial additives in processing.
  • We sourcing inputs to our farm as locally as possible.
  • We are committed to paying the Living Wage.