Home at last!

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Elver’s released into the Monmouth and Brecon Canal

The Monmouth & Brecon canal is so still. Annelies releases the elvers into their new home! Good luck guys! We really hope that picking you up from the Severn and dropping you off here will have helped you! #aquaponics #conservation #regenerativefarming #anguillaanguilla #sustainableeelgroup #endangeredspecies #monmouthandbreconcanal #communitybusiness #agritech

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Eel release day is here!

The Monmouth & Brecon canal is so still. Sam releases the elvers into their new home! Good luck guys! We really hope that picking you up from the Severn and dropping you off here will have helped you! #aquaponics #conservation #regenerativefarming #anguillaanguilla #sustainableeelgroup #endangeredspecies #monmouthandbreconcanal #communitybusiness #agritech

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Annelise weighs out 2.6kg of eels for release

Annelise weighs out 2.6kg or… about 11000 elvers to be released into the Monmouth and Brecon canal over the next couple of days. It’s really pleasing to see the eels leave. We worry that everyday they spend with us is a day they aren’t learning to survive in the wild. So its really a relief to send them on their way! Go eels go! #conservation #aquaponics #eels #elvers #monandbreconcanal #waterways

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Here be elvers!

Exciting times on the farm – today we took delivery of 35000 glass eels! Sam drove up to UK glass eels and picked up the little guys (Neel, Eleelsabeth, Eelsa, Oleelver and all their friends). They are so little and seemingly fragile – it’s very scary to think that we are responsible for these critically endangered critters. Meanwhile Annelies is arranging some Eel release permits for us so that we can get these guys to their new homes all around the Bristol Channel.

They are VERY CUTE.

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We built an indoor farm on an industrial estate and it’s awesome (GDPR fandango)

You guys worked with us to build an indoor farm on an industrial estate in Bristol and it’s AWESOME!

It has been such a pleasure sharing our journey so far with you all. Over the past year we’ve taken our warehouse-based community farming demonstration from dream to something-like-a-reality! So many of you have supported our build – through our aquaponics workdays. We have had the honour of sharing our courses with some amazing entrepreneurs and hobbyists. We are delighted by our eco-coworking tribe! We have endless gratitude for our community-owners! We couldn’t have done this without you!

For most of you reading this – you are truly interested in what is happening on a little industrial estate in Bristol!  You are the people we are writing to today – the people who want to continue to receive our general updates, who want to continue to receive our course updates. You are the special ones – and we appreciate you beyond measure. Please make sure you have followed the links above and registered for our GDPR (here’s what that is about) compliant mailing lists – we don’t want to loose you!

For some of you – your brief foray into Aquaponics is done – or you are happy to just check in with our website from time to time – REJOICE –this is your time!!! And as of next week – we shall sully your inbox no more! You will be free from uninteresting tripe and life will be beautiful again and no longer blighted by “1276 unread messages’. For the time we had together – THANKYOU 

And for those sticking with us for the next phase WE SALUTE YOU ❤

Unusual and Interesting Volunteering Opportunities

Are you looking for unusual, interesting or challenging volunteering opportunities? Look no further than our current projects:

Project:  Helping Build a Sensory Garden for young people with Special Needs – Long Term Volunteers Needed
When.              Weekly, Sundays
Where:             South Bristol Sensory Garden @ Bristol Fish Project – 1. Vale Lane. BS35RU
Contact:           Alice-Marie Archer


Project:  Helping Build our Aquaponic Community Farm – Drop in sessions & Long Term Volunteers sought
When.              Weekly, Thursday Evenings 18:30-21:00, Sundays 11-15:00
Where:             South Bristol Sensory Garden – 1. Vale Lane. BS35RU
Contact:           Alice-Marie Archer
Email:               registration via meetup: https://www.meetup.com/Aquaponic-Workdays-at-Bristol-Fish-Project/
Project: Eel Conservation Projects – Long-term volunteering Opportunities
When.              Weekly, Tuesday Daytimes 10 – 17:00
Where:             South Bristol Sensory Garden – 1. Vale Lane. BS35RU
Contact:           Aneelies Leeuw
Email:              a.e.leeuw@outlook.com
Project:  Hackuaponics Fridays – Automation and Robotics for the future of our community farms
When.              Weekly, Fridays 10-17:00
Where:             South Bristol Sensory Garden – 1. Vale Lane. BS35RU
Contact:           Tom & Sam

Bristol Fish Project is now offering Eco-Co-Working Space!

Want to give it a go? Why not join us for a FREE Co-working day – register here for the Wednesday that suits you

£80pcm / £6/day / flexible options

  • Monday to Friday 9-5 access
  • Internet Access
  • Locked Storage (bring a padlock)
  • Options to hire event space evenings and weekends
  • 10 minute walk from Parson Street Station
  • on the 76 Bus Route
  • Tea Coffee and basic Kitchenette
  • Community Garden in progress with outdoor seating and planters



IBC Aquaponics Course Photo’s

#ibc #aquaponics build workshop was a great success! We got the system complete and working! By the end of the day all the students felt confident that they could do this for themselves. They took home course notes including build plans, instructions and a shopping list with links to products online! And we all ate together (of course).

Project Diary

After a few days Easter Break we all meet for a check-in to see where we are at with the tasks at hand. James has made progress on building the lighting rig for system 2 and needs to go get more pipes. I order more IP rated hydroponic lighting controllers from iquatics. Sam is wandering when the new Seneye sensor system will arrive. Jay and Diane are volunteering from UWE’s IWC conservation programme.

Jon who rigged up our last aquaponic electronics system is in tomorrow morning bright and early to rig up system 2.

And Jen’s is arriving tomorrow – for his placement with us!

Plus we are keen to make sure we are ready for our forthcoming courses –

IBC system build workshop

Commercial Aquaponics Course – 4 Day intensive


Eel diaries

Today it’s just James, Merle, Mark and Alice working on a few jobs on the farm. Building lighting racks for the new system, tidying up the watercress, seeding, cleaning and of course stopping for curry for lunch. The eels are gradually coming off the starvation programme and beginning to feed. Especially those in the IBC system. The dark tanks seem happier than the white tanks – so we consider cladding them to reduce stress.

Biofilter great advice!

Antonio Paladino of @bioaquafarm came to visit and advised we add a RAS style #biofilter to our #eel system whilst we prepare our #aquaponic media beds. Bloody good thing too as the snow keeps us away from the farm.

The filter is in an IBC, with some sizeable airstones on a hailea pump to keep the filter material moving. We ordered some filter material to make a home for the bacteria.

Antonio also helped us speed up our cycle by offering us 100l of already bacteria rich filter media from his own system to boost our system cycle. Now there’s a good aquaponic neighbour! Hopefully we can return the favour sometime!

Great thanks and gratitude to him as always and pointing any budding aquaponicists in BioAqua farm’s direction!