For general questions on the project please email

We don’t accept general visits, however you can always join us on our open days and volunteering days if you are interested in finding out more about us.

Getting to Bristol Fish Project:


By Bike – We are very proud of our little bike rack and encourage you to use it 🙂

Bristol is full of nice cycle ways. We are easily reached via the Malago Greenway as part of the National Cycle Network.

Google map link

By Bus

The 76 bus stops on Hartcliffe Way parallel to Vale Lane. The stop is called Vale Lane, Stop ID is bstdpjg

Bus Timetable

By Train

Parson Street Railway Station is about 10 minutes walk from us.

Parson Street Station is on the Weston-super-Mare to Bristol Parkway route. Trains from around the UK connect at Bristol Temple Meads.

Trains From Bristol Temple Meads (Bristol’s most central train station)

If you find the connecting time between TempleMeads and Parkway is very long, you can get easily a taxi from TempleMeads.

By Car

The postcode BS35RU will lead you to Vale Lane, but not to our specific unit.

Google Map Link

Parking – In the work week 9-5 parking at Vale Lane isn’t very good. We have parking spaces for a couple of cars – so if you are coming for a personal meeting, you can probably park here, but if you are part of a larger event, likelihood is you will struggle to park on Vale Lane itself. Neighbouring streets have ample parking.

Please let us know if you need accessible parking and we can reserve you a space on our hardstanding.


12 thoughts on “Contact

    • alicemariearcher says:

      Hi Steve – beautiful systems you have there! We are aware of several off the shelf systems but wanted to learn to build a system from scratch! I;ll have a look at the add ons though – we are looking for parts all the time, as well as nutrients, dechloralmine (unfortunately), ph contols (our mains is very hard) and so forth! – Link much appreciated! If you are ever in Bristol do organise to come along for a visit 🙂 Alice

    • alicemariearcher says:

      Hi Steve – I just ordered some iron and some feed from you – it looks really good – great that the pellets float properly – had some nasty sinkers recently and they boobed the water quality!

  1. Brian White says:

    Hi, Alice Marie, I think you guys should have a facebook page. Aquaponics systems seem to be in an explosive growth stage right now and facebook is good for feedback and just for lettting people know about you. I did low pressure airlift pumps demo’s about 10 years ago in video and now low pressure airlift is being used in some hydroponic and aquaponic systems and also in Windowfarms. Brian

    • alicemariearcher says:

      Hi Brian 🙂 We do have a facebook page – – please come and ‘join’ 🙂 We will also be trialling an airlift pump with some ‘window farm’ style bottle system as created by one of our wonderful community supporters. We hope to connect it up next week as we put in a new sump – so we will have nft and bottles aswell as flood and drain all going on in the same system – FUN! Thanks so much for commenting and feel free to share your video here! Bests Alice

  2. mario constantinou says:

    We are starting a commercial aquaroniccs farm and need training and advice. iam looking to do a commercial course over the next few weeks, can you help. Thanks mario constantinou

  3. Nam Vu says:

    Hi Alice, my name is Nam, a master student at UWE Bristol. And I am researching about Aquaponics application and its positive impact for urban area for my dissertation. I just want to know that i would have any chance to talk with you or doing a small interview about your projects. I have know you through my professor at UWE. Hope to hear from you

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