Core Team


Alice-Marie Archer

I’m Alice-Marie – I’m an aspiring explorer that likes to explore the world close to home. I founded Bristol fish project in late 2011 as a response to the challenges of urban metabolic losses (waste). I saw through other’s experiments that you could use aquaponics as an intervention to close material loops but also to … Continue reading Alice-Marie Archer

Iris Eiting

I am Iris and I first came across the principles of aquaponics and the circular economy when I was too busy at Re:work, the charity I was working at as their chief exec until last year. Re:work was and still is a very unusual, fairly small, innovation driven Social Enterprise supporting young people and older … Continue reading Iris Eiting

Dr Rose Crichton

Rose has a PhD in marine biology, investigating the impact of climate change on crustacean physiology and life history, and is currently a technician in the biology department at the University of Bath. She has gained experience in the aquaculture of a variety of marine and freshwater algae, shellfish and fish through her two postgraduate … Continue reading Dr Rose Crichton

Sam Rossiter

Sam lives on a smallholding just outside of Bristol where he helps to run Nibley Leaves, a small salad business. He manages the holding using agroecology and permaculture approaches. He has a particular interest in sustainable protein production Sam is a great experimenter & tinkerer. He’s a founder of The Travelling Toolbox, a sustainable technology … Continue reading Sam Rossiter


  I’m Barley. I’ve been into aquaponics for 3 years now. If you see me – ask me “where are the fish Barley” and I will take you to see them. I love fish. When I’m on the farm, my job is to stare at the fish. I also welcome our guests and give everyone … Continue reading Barley

Ex-Director Pete Summers

I am a passionate advocate of environmental sustainability and have acquired many skills and much experience in the field. However, aquaponics has been a particular interest for me for a number of years now, as it combines my belief in changing the way we farm with reducing the levels of energy used in food production, … Continue reading Ex-Director Pete Summers

Ex Director – Richard Jardine

I have more than 30 years experience working at Zurich Insurance and Nationwide Building society in IT and business change. My last 10 years were spent as a project manager successfully managing global projects with annual budgets of up to $5m coordinating the work of many people and companies. I’ve has had a long term … Continue reading Ex Director – Richard Jardine

Ex-Director Robyn Hodgkiss

Ive been interested in aquaponics for a few years now. I’m an advocate for environmental and urban sustainability and think aquaponics has an important role to play in our future cities. For me and many other aquaponic practitioners it is about much more than the production of food. It is about moving towards a truly sustainable … Continue reading Ex-Director Robyn Hodgkiss

Ex-Director Oliver Hall

Oliver is interested in working with and developing unique social enterprise business models that can produce scalable, sustainable and noticeable changes to some of the most pressing issues society faces. Previously Oliver worked as an analyst for an asset management firm focussing on educational social enterprises as well as care sector software. Prior to this, … Continue reading Ex-Director Oliver Hall

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