Concept Modular Aquaponic Farm

In 2017 our proposal for a modular aquaponic urban farm was shortlisted at the World Architecture Festival 2017, taking place in the November. The project is an ongoing research collaboration between Flanagan Lawrence Architects, the British Aquaponic Association (BAQUA), the Bristol Fish Project, and Expedition (as part of the Useful Simple Trust’s work on the circular economy). The vertical modular farm is designed to make use of available … Continue reading Concept Modular Aquaponic Farm

Phoenix Cafe (Completed)

The Phoenix Cafe‘s aquaponics system (in central Bristol) was built by the students of the 2014-15 introduction to aquaponics course. It was designed to produce greens for the cafe, though the fish are ornamental (Koi Carp). The phoenix cafe itself has a circular-economics model and is built from all recycled materials. Initially Phoenix was serving … Continue reading Phoenix Cafe (Completed)

BAQUA – Contributor (Ongoing)

We are an active member of the British Aquaponics Association. This means that we actively share resources and research with the other members of the network and engage in collaborative innovation, technology partnerships, knowledge sharing, policy recommendations and so forth. BAQUA believes that linking aquaponic experts, backyard growers and other stakeholders together with the joint aim of … Continue reading BAQUA – Contributor (Ongoing)