Dr Rose Crichton

Rose has a PhD in marine biology, investigating the impact of climate change on crustacean physiology and life history, and is currently a technician in the biology department at the University of Bath. She has gained experience in the aquaculture of a variety of marine and freshwater algae, shellfish and fish through her two postgraduate degrees and employment at three universities and an aquarium. Rose is passionate about sustainability and the environment, and has been employed at an ecological consultancy specialising in marine and freshwater environments and on an algal biofuel research project, and chose to base her MSc at the lobster hatchery at Anglesey Sea Zoo with the aim to improve survival and growth of lobsters intended for restocking. Rose became interested in the unique challenges of aquaculture in an aquaponics system and in aquaponics as means to produce sustainable fish and shellfish after attending a short training course at Herbs From Wales in Anglesey. In 2009 she designed and constructed an aquaponics system primarily focused on tilapia and watercress production which she ran for a year. Rose has taught biology at an undergraduate level and produces short courses aimed at primary and secondary school children for university outreach events.