Mission Statement

Our mission

  • To make sustainable hi-tech urban food growing accessible to all communities
  • To apply circular economy principles to urban food production, absorbing waste streams.
  • To raise awareness of food and sustainability issues.
  • To impact positively on the local community.
  • To improve our supporters’ behaviour, health, skills and well-being.
  • To encourage a diverse volunteer base.
  • To provide employment and training opportunities.

Our values: waste is food, sustainability, creativity, collaboration, transparency, openness, self-organisation, not-for-profit, alternative economics, small is beautiful, good work,

We also share the values of the Artspace lifespace college where we had our first pilot:

  1. We are united by our common humanity
  2. Everyone is both a teacher and a student
  3. All are welcome, diversity makes our community stronger
  4. We can work happily, harmoniously and respectfully to achieve shared goals
  5. We encourage community, sharing of skills, knowledge and understanding
  6. We encourage healthy, clear and honest communication
  7. We encourage creativity and the pursuit of excellence
  8. We encourage a compassionate, mindful approach to life in all its forms

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