arelyoulocal.pngWant to learn how to make healthier food choices and developing your food-growing skills?

Looking for interesting things to do and live within reach of our site?

Hoping to meet other local food enthusiasts?

Interested in Aquaponics?

Interested in futuristic farming techniques that can be adopted by communities?

We meet on Thursday Evenings and once a month on a Sunday. We are a proactive group of local volunteers – we usually break-up a days work with a shared lunch/ dinner. Please email us and we can let you know for sure if we are gathering this week!

Once we have finished building, we will open our doors as a community-supported-farm.

Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between farmers and consumers in which the responsibilities, risks and rewards of farming are shared. We are a bit special because unlike most community supported farms we work with aquaponics AND we hope to work in future to support the conservation of critically endangered Eels that are native to our area.

Our farm approaches community in a few ways:

  1. through our community food hub
  2. through our community garden
  3. through our hands-on community supporters – email if you want to get involved!
  4. through our coworking space
  5. we are beginning a partnership with Hartcliffe and Withywood Angling Club who work with young people from inner city areas, and offers support to those who have been excluded from school or who are experiencing any other difficulties in their lives.

Plus in future:

  1. we hope to supply eels and our classroom space to Spawn to be Wild

And you can read our blogpost on what happened to community food here

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