(Past Event) 11th August -Monitoring your system, water quality, Light, control system and Open Data Approaches with SENEYE

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If we are looking at commercial scale aquaponics it’s vital to put in place a rigorous monitoring regime. Back in the day this used to all be done through an array of probes and sensors, then with the open source movement, more people were hacking together new ways to gather sensory data. At Bristol Fish project we attempted to put together a sensor array and even won support from the local microelectronics INET. Sam and Alice got a fair way into building a probe system and a minimum viable product when…. we were stumped to find a much cleverer system launched onto the market with backing just ahead of us! Boom- We were out of the running. If you can’t beat ’em join ’em comes to mind… THUS it’s our great pleasure to welcome Matt Stevenson to the Bristol Fish Project.

Matt’s company Seneye (www.seneye.com) has worked with the Bristol Fish Project for a few years helping to ensure the welfare of our fish. Matt’s business has also been in making aquariums and filters selling over a million worldwide; he knows a bit about keeping fish.

Matt Stevenson is the Managing Director of Seneye ltd, a British Company, based in Norwich that was set up to provide low cost life critical monitoring for aquariums and ponds worldwide. Matt will be talking about the science of keeping fish in a closed loop system and ensuring their welfare. A healthy and happy fish will be the fastest growing…”

7pm until 9pm REGISTER HERE

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