(Past Event) 8th September -Brand, Marketing and Distribution Witness Session

This week we are learning about the challenges to get product to market and considerations for Brand from Roger White of www.localfooddirect.co.uk plus some insider info on the experience of being a producer from this long standing pig farmer.

Somerset Local Food Direct  started in 2002, working with Somerset Farmers Markets, as a way of making local food available to everyone in Somerset. Their ethos is to bring top quality local food to your door in the most direct way possible.

SLFD think it is important that you know:

  • Where your food comes from
  • Who produced it
  • How they produced it
  • Exactly what went into it

And to help the environment and the local economy:

  • They use the minimum of packaging
  •  minimise food miles
  •  give preference to food produced in Somerset
  • Items sourced from further afield will often be fair trade and/or organic

Roger White – Founder