(Past Event) August 25th: AquaRoots and Byspokes Witness Session

This week’s aquaponics evening class we have the pleasure of a witness session from the impressive Byspokes and AquaRoots team. Followed by Q&A and a look at AQUAroots mini system!

Byspokes is a Community Interest Company focusing on sustainable community development through the implementation of projects, provision of training and consultancy to individuals and organisations in the fields of sustainable agriculture, and sustainable resource management. Projects we have implemented include those to enhance domestic food security and to provide commercial levels of food production in less economically developed countries, using aquaponic and other sustainable, food-producing systems.

Byspokes have developed and implemented diverse projects, training courses and other activities, both independently and in collaboration with other governmental and non-governmental organisations. The Byspokes team brings together strong academic backgrounds and a wealth of practical experience in the fields of community development; education; sustainable agriculture, aquaculture and aquaponics; ecology and conservation; soil, water and resource management.

Philip, Lorena and Andrew have implemented different sized aquaponic projects and courses in various different countries, such as:

•       Jordan
•       Occupied Palestinian Territories
•       Israel
•       China
•       UK

Philip, Lorena and Andrew have been involved in aquaponic and hydroponic research in:

•       UK
•       Occupied Palestinian Territories
•       Israel
•       Thailand

Philip and Lorena have written their own aquaponic manual and gave technical input for the UN FAO aquaponic manual.


AquaRoots’ mission is to enable people to grow food anywhere.

Andrew, Phil and Lorena (from the wondering Byspokes CIC team) decided to open a Ltd. Company to focus more in the UK market and with the varied experience that they have gained elsewhere they founded AquaRoots.
AquaRoots specialises in designing sleek aquaponic and hydroponic systems for homes, schools and other establishments. AquaRoots has also developed innovative education materials and services both to train people in the skills of food production, and to use farming as an engaging pathway to reinforcing curricular and extra-curricular education requirements.