Tasty Tilapia

A very tasty looking fish indeed, this beautiful Tilapia stamp from Singapore is flying the flag for the fish we have in mind for at least part of the trial taking place at the Artspace-Lifespace college in Bedminster, Bristol, UK.

We naively hoped to grow some local species – trout and crayfish – in our trial, but with polytunnels around the UK reaching over 35 degrees celcius last week, we have pretty quickly concluded that warm water species are the way to go for our trial – its more efficient to heat water than cool it apparently, though I’m sure we will find out more about this during the trial. We would most of all like to have Bass in our tanks, as they tolerate a wide temperature range, but with 15 – 18 months till maturity, we won’t have time to see them grow in our trial, so yummy Tilapia it is, as we should be able to taste some yummy fish in 7-10 months from now. Tilapia is really common for aquaponics – you might have spotted Tilapia in an aquaponics greenhouse recently on Channel 4’s Home of the Future.


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