BFP Workday 12/3/13

Hi There Bristol Fish Project.  My name is Rob Bryant, I manage Bill & Bens HydroWorld in Chippenham & have been volonteering at BFP for severall months now. You may have saw the picture of Myself  & Micky at the polly tunnel & the little video I posted on U tube about the Nitrification Process.  I thought I should introduce myself to anyone I haven’t met yet & tell you about what we did at the workday yesterday!

Thanks to Micky, Dave, Will & Josh who all showed up to lend a hand & help.  The  water needed topping up a little & the temperature levels were low so we topped up the sumps & turned up the temperature.   Both Bell Syphons at the rear of the tunnel were not functioning properly so after a bit of a fiddle about with the left one & some silicone on the other we got them working again.  Some insulation had come unstuck from the ceiling due to the condensation and was sorted out by Will & Josh.


A fair bit of yellowing in the Rocket is evident along with multiple black dots on the leafs (see picture) leads me to think the PH is too high so the Rocket can’t take up the nutrients  available,  Anybody got any ideas on this deficiency?

However the watercress is looking great & the Spinach is ready to be harvested out of the NFT system we have set up.  The rocket in the NFT had seen better days so we harvested what was good & composted the rest, along with handfuls of delicious watercress, salad leaves & Spinach we all went away with an ample amount!

Cleaned the NFT & replanted Rocket & thanks to Dave who went home & got us some newly rooted Lambs lettuce to put into another 2 channels of the NFT system.  The far left Flood & Drain bed was planted up with Red Salad bowl lettuce.

All in all a good day!



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