Work Day 26/3/13

Hi Rob here, thought I would update you guys with whats going on with BFP.

IMG_0135The fish are steadily growing despite the cold weather, the water temp was 21 degrees Celsius & the PH 7  & an EC 0.7 (which is amazing that plants grow so well on such a low level).


I planted Red ‘Bulls Blood’ Lettuce & we cleaned blocked pipes.  Micky & I harvested a whole bed of luscious water cress & we bagged up 12 bags of 125 grams  = 1.5 Kilos. We could easily do that every 2-3 weeks in optimum conditions.  We decided to give it away to as samples to cafe’s & restaurants in Bristol to receive feed back & create a demand.



As for BFP moving we have a number of possibilities and are still waiting for a reply from the favourite property landlords architect, fingers crossed it will happen before we have to move.


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