Fish Harvesting


Yey the fish harvest has started! I have taken 6 (10% of total of 61) Tilapia from the tank & they averaged 200g each! Although they are plate sized my research tells me an average fish size should be 450g. There are some bigger ones in the tank they were just to fast to catch, there are also lots of smaller ones as well. I needed to have less fish in the tank because the nitrite/nitrate levels were getting to high to regularly. So I have frozen them & will collect more until I have enough to feed everybody who volunteered there time & energy making the Bristol Fish Project happen. I have a field kitchen & am willing to pull up in a green space in Bristol & cook up a picnic for all those who wish to chow down on this amazingly hardy fish (I wonder what they taste like?) Tilapia were the most farmed fish in 2012 so I find it strange that no one in the UK has heard of them. Anyways anybody is welcome to come & see the setup in the shop! Contact me first to make sure I am in.


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