26th November – Policy and compliance in aquaculture and food production – With Keith Jeffery of the Fish Health Inspectorate, CEFAS


These days all sizes of aquaponics holdings should be registered with the Fish Health Inspectorate. As soon as your project is big enough / undertaking certain trading activities, you become subject to policy and compliance with the Fish Health Inspectorate managing this process through CEFAS.

The Fish Health Inspectorate has the role of helping to maintain the health of the UK’s fish and shellfish. Through the inspectorate’s work CEFAS improves businesses’ ability to trade openly outside the UK, reduce their losses from disease and help protect a valuable natural resource.

The Fish Health Inspectorate is responsible for preventing the introduction and spread of serious diseases in fish, shellfish and crustacea by:

  • managing programmes that monitor the health of fish, shellfish and crustacea
  • taking steps to treat and reduce the spread of diseases
  • assessing the outbreak, spread and impact of diseases
  • investigating unexplained deaths in fish and shellfish
  • advising on ways to reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases

To help us as prospective aquaponicists, Keith Jeffery of CEFAS will take us through the things we need to consider as we plan our aquaponic projects. The talk will also include how to comply with alien species in aquaculture regulations and an explanation of vetinary medicine regulations and why these are required.

Keith Jeffery has a background in aquaculture and has spent 12 years carrying out statutory inspections on fish farms in England & Wales. He now has a new role as aquaculture development and biodiversity support officer working on contracts across the UK and Europe and providing support to the director of aquaculture and food security.

This class will take place 7-9pm at The Pithay Studios in Bristol, All Saints Street, BS12LZ. Cost – £30 – but we are doing our very best to make sure its not exclusive – so if you are interested, please get in touch in anycase to discuss options.

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The full course is part-time takes 12 weeks and involves 12 evenings and 2 weekend excursions. NB You can sign up for the full course or you can just come to units that interest you. We are looking to charge £300 for the 12 weeks – again – we are doing our very best to make sure its not exclusive – so if you are interested, please get in touch in anycase to discuss options.

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