Bristol Fish Project @phoenix cafe and mention in the Guardian this week!


The team learns to gut and fillet fish in a variety of ways at Dan Stern’s Fish Shop on the Gloucester Road. The last class in our 12 week programme 🙂

In a circular economy waste = food. Aquaponics uses the waste nitrogen from fish farming to grow plants and can use feed made from waste food too. We are so pleased to be working on building a demo at Phoenix Cafe where you can ‘pay what you feel’ for food provided by Skipchen! There we will be providing additional salad, herbs and veg for the cafe’s menu which changes based on what can be found by skipchen day-to-day.

How exciting then to be mentioned along with the Fish Shop on Gloucester road – very muchly- in this week’s Guardian Article investigating whether Bristol is a worthy Green Capital for Europe. Had we the opportunity to say more we would bang on again about the huge network of amazing projects happening in the city that we can’t exist without (I know we did say that – but its so important!) – and are part of,  and we would want to draw attention to the benefits of support from organisations like Fish Plant, Green’s Horticulture and Seneye who have all sponsored our DEMO at Phoenix.

Thanks to Hayley Birch- science and environment writer based in Bristol for the write up!


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