Welcoming Gerardo to the team!

foto2I am Gerardo, a recently graduated architect coming from Spain. I have studied in Granada and done one Erasmus year in Vienna. I have taken part in a workshop about building with earth in Hungary and doing my final project with a research in Tetouan, Morocco. Architecture plays an important role and it is an art that concerns everybody. About 40% of the emissions are produced by buildings within the construction and usage so I want to specialise in sustainable architecture design as my contribution for the future.

I came to Bristol as part of the European Volunteer System for the Bristol Green Capital. My motivations to come here are to learn more about sustainability, use my acquired knowledge and help developing a project which is willing to make our cities more liveable and independent.

I found The Bristol Fish Project an interesting initiative which will provide food in a symbiotic cycle that only uses food waste from the city. I am helping to renovate and adapt a warehouse to start up the project in a bigger scale. The building has to be energeticaly efficient to keep the environment in a comfortable temperature to grow the vegetables and fishes. Also the internal distribution must be redesign to allocate the water tanks, growing beds and offices.

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