Welcoming Ilie Tomulescu to the Team

Who am I? – My name is Tomulescu Ilie and I am a 23 years old romanian living and studying in Denmark .My field of study is Environmental Management and I have special interest for topics like Sustainable Cities and Climate Change.

What makes me happy? – I am a nature lover , tree hugger, traveler and always open to new extreme as well as smooth experiences. I really enjoy being in groups, surrounded by open minded and positive people but at the same time the only think I want sometimes is just to be alone with my camera ,checking local markets, second hand shops, joining different events, volunteering or just sewing my clothes and watching documentaries.

Why did I come to Bristol? – I was looking for an international volunteering experience in UK or Scandinavian countries and Bristol Green Capital came at the perfect moment.

How did I come to Bristol? – I came to Bristol as an EVS volunteer through Change Agents UK for the Bristol European Green Capital 2015 and I could say that I am lucky to work with Bristol Fish Project.

What is Bristol Fish Project? – Bristol Fish Project is a community-supported aquaponics farm in Bristol. Our work is an experiment in the commercial viability of community-supported aquaponics.

Why Bristol Fish Project? – As I am interested in Sustainability and Sustainable food production, I found Bristol Fish project and particularly Aquaponics very attractive and interesting idea. By volunteering here I learn a lot about aquaponics and I hope to apply it in the future

What do you do within Bristol Fish Project? – I am in charge of a small Aquaponic system inside the Phoenix Café. Taking good care of the plants is my main task. In the spare time I am in the office working with Alice and learning about aquaponics.

How is my overall experience? – Perfection doesn’t exist, hence my experience is close to perfect. I try to take the maximum out of my time in Bristol.

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