Talking Tilapia Event on Saturday with Source and Grow Bristol!

Tilapia has been called the Chicken of the Sea (ironic as its a fresh water lover predominantly) and is heralded as the sustainable protein option for urban eaters – so we need to learn to eat the beast!

The Talking Tilapia event will run at Lab Space, on the Harbourside, at 2.30pm courtesy of 91 Ways to Build A Global City, Source Cafe and Grow Bristol!

Joe Wheatcroft, from Source Café, will share how to descale, gut and fillet the fish and talk about what to do with this

Dermot O’Regan, of Grow Bristol, says: “Tilapia is the second-most popular farmed fish on the planet and so we wanted to team up with 91 Ways and other partners across Bristol and show it off .- Grow Bristol’s wider vision is that urban agriculture contributes to making Bristol a healthier, happier and more prosperous and sustainable city and farming tilapia locally can certainly help us do that.”

To register for the event please email


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