Bristol Fish Project Warehouse Workshop #2

Bristol Fish Project are transforming a disused warehouse into a mecca for Urban Aquaponics.


As it is almost time to take stock of our first batch of elvers we will be hosting two four day Warehouse Workshops on the

Friday 13th May to Monday 16th May 11am – 6pm daily.

We are looking for people to help us with a variety of tasks:

Internal Construction Team

We need hands on DIY volunteers to help us with the construction of an internal partition wall which will separate our kitchen and teaching facilities from the biosecure grow area. Whatever your level of experience I am sure we can accommodate your skills and enthusiasm.

River & Community Garden Project

We need people to help us clean up our sorry looking river which has become an overgrown dumping ground. We want to transform the stretch spanning our site into a thriving green corridor and have future plans to remediate the soil and water whilst establishing a community garden.

Elvers Greeters

We also need help setting up a station to receive our first batch of elvers, which should be within the first weekend session. Tasks will include setting up the IBC, pumps and filters and would be a great learning opportunity for anyone interested in aquaponics or aquaculture.



  • Warehouse Workshop #2: Friday 13th May – Monday 16th May, 11am – 6pm


Unit 1, Vale Ln, Bristol, City of Bristol BS3 5RU, UK


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