Alice, Robyn and Richard taking the reins at BAQUA

Its not really Bristol Fish Project news, except that Alice, Robyn and Richard (directors at the fish project) have stepped up to take over from Chrissy and Colin’s impressive work at BAQUA. It’s an incredible feat to establish a network for a nascent sector. We feel so privileged to be able to take the reins and bring our energy to BAQUA!

Hence we envision helping BAQUA as the hub of a proactive aquaponics network: gathering and sharing current news of aquaponics industry and initiatives, offering resources and tools, holding the space for exchange of research, knowledge and technology, and matchmaking synergies and partnerships to shape this emergent industry.

The plan is to continue with the membership scheme, quarterly newsletter and annual conference. Then we want to increase the power of the network and hope to see BAQUA initiating through the network members: policy recommendations, business collaborations, demonstration projects, technology partnerships and open source data sharing.

We are excited to open up the steering of BAQUA via this year’s BAQUA conference – so the Bristol Fish Project monopoly will be diffused shortly! More on that soon, and for anyone wanting to help with this or the day to day running of BAQUA, please contact Alice and/orRobyn. Until then we will enjoy our benign dictatorship.


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