Anguilla Anguilla: The European Eel

Last week we took stock of our first batch of European Eels (Anguilla anguilla). 601 of tiny glass eels set up home in an IBC on our site in Bristol.

We are extremely excited to have these fascinating and endangered creatures on site.

The European Eel is a type of catadromous fish, which means that they travel from freshwater to the sea to spawn. Though, to this date no spawning adults nor eggs of Anguilla Anguilla have ever been witnessed in the wild.

In 2009 scientists tracked 22 eels and uncovered the long held secrets of the great eel migration which you can find out about here:

this fascinating creature is unfortunately classified as CRITICALLY ENDANGERED and is facing a very high risk of EXTINCTION in the wild. It is a great shame for to lose any species from our global biosphere and that is why we, Bristol Fish Project are committed to preventing the European Eel extinction. More than 60% of the eels we grow on will be released into the wild to help restock our native population.

If you would like to contact us regarding our project please email:


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