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This month’s escapades:

A sneak preview of our permaculture wonderland
Eely good times with Anguilla Anguilla
August Courses
South West food-tech meetups
BS3’s hottest co-working space
BAQUA2016 convention
Baqua Membership
Wisdom of Seth
Our Love

Permaculture Gardens for the Fish Project!!!

One of our most exciting happenings of late was catching a sneak peak at Hannah, Immy, Jen and Lucy’s permaculture design for our outdoor space. We can thank them enough for their amazing work. They have produced an incredible #permaculturedesign which we are all very excited to implement on our grounds!

Presentation of the design – 22nd September 7pm as part of the permaculture for aquaponics evening class!
– to register contact
#permaculture #aquaponics #urbanfarming #greening #thefuture

Eely good times!

Last month we took stock of our first batch of European Eels (Anguilla anguilla). 601 of tiny glass eels set up home in an IBC on our site in Bristol.

We are extremely excited to have these fascinating and endangered creatures on site!

The European Eel is a type of catadromous fish, which means that they travel from freshwater to the sea to spawn. Though, to this date no spawning adults nor eggs of Anguilla Anguilla have ever been witnessed in the wild.

This fascinating creature is unfortunately classified as CRITICALLY ENDANGERED and is facing a very high risk of EXTINCTION in the wild. It is a great shame for to lose any species from our global biosphere and that is why we, Bristol Fish Project are committed to preventing the European Eel extinction. More than 60% of the eels we grow on will be released into the wild to help restock our native population.

At the moment our routine involves feeding the eels 3 times a day and making sure their water is the right quality for them to grow. We’ve been feeding them what they were getting before – fish meal and cod roe – not very sustainable – so we are working on finding a more sustainable feed for our new friends that isn’t dependent on wild caught fish meal.

Our eels are very busy, they spend their time hanging onto things in the tank, swimming across the tank and of course getting very excited about feeding time! They seem very interested and curious in their surroundings – which is lovely to observe. Teelivision is wonderful!

We are thinking this week about building a hydroponic (flood and drain) biofilter for the eel tank as the biofilter we are using needs regular cleaning and can’t really remove nitrates from the system – so we want to use the nitrates to grow watercress and test some more LED configurations.

If you would like to contact us regarding our Eels project please email:

A lovely documentary on the history of Eels in Lincolnshire, and the UK Sustainable Eel group that we will be working with!
In 2009 scientists tracked 22 eels and uncovered the long held secrets of the great eel migration which you can find out about here!
This Month’s Aquaponics Evening Classes:

4th August (19:00 – 21:00) -Feed Options and Nutrient Profiling – Dr Rosemary Crichton – Ethics of production and Fish Welfare in Aquaponics -with DrGavan M Cooke – BIAZA Aquarium Research Liaison and EAZA Welfare Advisory Specialist.

11th August (19:00 – 21:00) – Monitoring your system, water quality, Light, control system with SENEYE incl setup handson

18th August (19:00 – 21:00) Funding projects and writing proposals – With Kate Hofman, from Kickstarter funded aquaponics project GrowUP Urban Farms.

25th August Full system valorisation – bi products and adding value, circular economics with Alice-Marie Archer. Witness Session with Phillip and Lorena of Byspokes and AquaRoots with hands on microsystem setup.

For more information and to register for any of our courses please go
We are starting a wednesday weekly gathering of geeks interested in food-tech in all her guises – If you want to come along please join our meet-up group!
Join our Co-working space! As Business West in their latest newsletter tell us about how co-working can improve your business we are simultaneously excited to let you know will be launching our own co-working space ASAP – actually we have some people joining us whilst we are still building a bit – because you know, the internet works, there’s a kettle, a loo and a microwave… even ordered some bling recycling bins this week! Good enough for some! Super budget rates of around £100/month…

email for more info.

SAVE THE DATE / Register for: BAQUA 2016 Conference 
3rd September 2016A full day of aquaponics state-of-the-art in research, practice, co-development of standards, what to look out for in fish health this year and introducing the new-look BAQUA network.
Plus a hands-on commercial training day onsite at BioAqua Farm (Friday 2nd)!Register here!
BAQUA membership offer – 1/2 price for 6 months!

The British Aquaponics Association is currently offering discount membership!To be a BAQUA member is to:

  • Have a say in stewarding the development of the sector based on your needs and experiences
  • Stay up-to-date with research, innovation, legislation and inspirational projects
  • Connect with aquaponics services, consultancy and products
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Access to members only conferences and events
  • Find new opportunities for collaborative projects, technology partnerships and exchanges
  • Collaborate on policy recommendations and legislation changes
  • Find like-minded change-makers and accelerate the development of Aquaponics in the UK
  • Seek and share internships and jobs
  • Grow your network and connect with a diverse skill base

Alice’s picks from the Wisdom of Seth:

The struggle to raise money

“When your small business is struggling, the thought of raising money feels like a life preserver.

That possible infusion of cash is a beacon of hope, the thing you can work on tirelessly. It’s the one thing that appears as though it will make everything better.

Careful. It’s often a detour, a distraction that won’t pan out at the very same time it takes your eye off the real issues.

The problem starts with this: Few people will tell you to stop trying to raise money. They’ll encourage you to polish your business plan, make more pitches, add more rigor, dream bigger. 

Add to this that it’s essentially impossible to build a 1000x company, but those are the ones that get all the hype and the ones that investors crave. So you’re comparing yourself to something that’s quite elusive.

And finally, as you get deeper and deeper into the quest, there are individuals and institutions that will happily take advantage of you, requiring you to personally guarantee debt, to give up control, to turn your dream project into something you never envisioned.

The reason for this money trap is that so many small-business owners confuse raising money for expenses with raising money to build an asset. This is worth understanding.

If you can say, “I will spend this money on X, and X will make Y happen, and Y will pay off handsomely,” then a professional investor ought to be open to hearing that story.

But the things to spend money on are a significant real estate presence, machines, patents, a permanent, expensive brand. The entrepreneur who spends this money does it with enthusiasm, because she’s buying things that are going to grow in value, fast. 

This is the painting contractor who realizes that a high-powered industrial paint booth will make him the only guy in town who can do a certain kind of job. Or the fast food impresario who asserts that opening ten restaurants in one town in one year will give her the footprint to be more efficient and profitable.

But that’s not the way most small business folks are wired.

We’re wired to delight our customers, charge for what we do, and then spend some of that money to do it again.

If that sounds like you, pretend that it’s not even possible to raise money from investors. Take the option off the table (where it isn’t, really).

Instead, spend that energy and that passion and that focus to raise money from your customers. To delight more customers often enough that they happily pay you for what you can do for them. And then repeat. And again.

It’s not a life preserver. Not at all. It’s a stepwise path, a ramp from here to there, a process with no guru, no miracle, no signing bonus. It’s merely the work.

The thing you signed up for in the first place”.

 from Seth Godin’s Blog

And hopefully we can encourage you to join us on our Vale Lane Warehouse Workdays – where we have a lovely crew helping us make our project magical! We currently meet Fridays and Sundays. Please email for more information.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!



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