Crowdfunding – *Sharing an AHA moment alert*

We’ve been a participant in a collaborative crowdfunder of late – in order to raise money for a food-producers sort-of-guild that supports local producers in our area – and on who’s services we draw (they share a super useful newsletter and we want Bristol Fish Project to be part of their education programme in future).

What this collaboration meant was that we were able to offer value (rewards) where we don’t necessarily have budget to give money directly to Bristol Food Producers – , and that this was ‘turned into’ money through the crowdfunder.

So far 5 people have put in for tea and cake and a tour of our Premises at Bristol Fish Project – for 2 people – (£15) well worth it!

Which means we have been able to donate in effect that £75 to Bristol Food Producers that we otherwise wouldn’t have given them.

I’m feeling my brain is quite occupied now with thinking about what this means and how I can learn from it. I hope too that Bristol Food Producers can learn from this – at least that little businesses have other things to exchange than money… but how to unleash the power of those?

We’re so glad that Bristol Food Producers has made their basic level crowdfunding! You can still support them – for the remaining 2 days of their crowdfunder.

And you can still grab yourself a tour of the project!


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