Bristol School of Night First supper club

So lovely to have the first ever Bristol School of Night supper club meeting.

A few hundred years ago, ‘thinkers and creatives’ were oppressed in order to inhibit progress in favor of control, power and in order to privilege the few. Back then Sir Walter Raleigh gathered his friends into a secret group that became nicknamed the School of Night that pressed ahead with advancing knowledge in society and bringing about change in favour of the well-being of wider humanity.

We wanted to gather our network of peoples – their skills and energies – so that we can be proactive and invested in bringing about optimism and hopefulness in our cities, and a vision for future society that moves away from reactive and fear-based change through instigation of real projects and endeavors.

We started by setting up a big banqueting table (we can seat and have crockery for about 30 people here), sharing food and ideas for projects and seeing what happens from there.

Themes touched on were community resilience, noomap, blockchain, social enterprise as an engine, income deprivation and poor quality social housing, opportunities for new builds,  integration of refugees and asylum seekers…

And reflected that we cant use our old modes of thinking – and we are excited to develop our collaborative innovation skills as a group!


Get in touch if you want to join us next time 🙂



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