Wiring your system

That was a real *Its Christmas* moment – coming into the farm yesterday and Sparky Jon handing me sticky labels GRINNNNNNNN

It’s been quite hard to find an electrician that will wire up the farm for us here – as there are no appropriate regs frameworks. 2 came through scratching their heads and left again. We were lucky in the end to find someone that was actually interested in learning for themselves how to best configure things, how to interact with the regs that are available (agriculture – barns + livestock and swimming pools – people in water) and taking into consideration that we work with the community so essentially need additional safeguards. Its still not finished, but when it is I’m going to ask Jon to write up what he’s done and will share it here and via BAQUA CIC

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-07 at 14.25.07


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