2017 Commercial Aquaponics Course

Are you interested in joining our commercial aquaponics course this year?

Unlike previous years, this year we plan on squeezing our aquaponics course into one week of teaching, hands on and site visits towards the end of May / early June! We plan on working with the same instructors (plus a few new faces) and hope to arrange visits to GrowBristol and BioAqua Farm as well as Hans Hoff’s Arctic Char farm in Dorset.


  • -To make commercial aquaponics accessible
  • -To enable participants to overcome specific production issues through access to specific information and expert guidance;
  • -To enable participants to realise true product value, by taking a systems approach focusing on the entire production cycle and determining the best options for system set up, diversification and sustainability;
  • -To train entry level practitioners in a holistic manner, in response to current challenges to the socioeconomic sustainability of the aquaculture industry in Europe

We are working with as many industry professionals as we can muster up  – the course is of the highest quality and provides a good framework for someone wanting to set up a system of their own or train in the basics to run a commercial aquaponic system. We plan to charge around £400 per person – but we are doing our very best to make sure it’s not exclusive – so if you are interested, please get in touch in anycase to discuss options (email info@bristolfish.org).


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