We built an indoor farm on an industrial estate and it’s awesome (GDPR fandango)

You guys worked with us to build an indoor farm on an industrial estate in Bristol and it’s AWESOME!

It has been such a pleasure sharing our journey so far with you all. Over the past year we’ve taken our warehouse-based community farming demonstration from dream to something-like-a-reality! So many of you have supported our build – through our aquaponics workdays. We have had the honour of sharing our courses with some amazing entrepreneurs and hobbyists. We are delighted by our eco-coworking tribe! We have endless gratitude for our community-owners! We couldn’t have done this without you!

For most of you reading this – you are truly interested in what is happening on a little industrial estate in Bristol!  You are the people we are writing to today – the people who want to continue to receive our general updates, who want to continue to receive our course updates. You are the special ones – and we appreciate you beyond measure. Please make sure you have followed the links above and registered for our GDPR (here’s what that is about) compliant mailing lists – we don’t want to loose you!

For some of you – your brief foray into Aquaponics is done – or you are happy to just check in with our website from time to time – REJOICE –this is your time!!! And as of next week – we shall sully your inbox no more! You will be free from uninteresting tripe and life will be beautiful again and no longer blighted by “1276 unread messages’. For the time we had together – THANKYOU 

And for those sticking with us for the next phase WE SALUTE YOU ❤


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