Eel health issues

The rising temperatures are a really battle for maintaining the health of our eels in our #aquaponics system. Our older eels are showing signs of stress so we’ve asked CEFAS – the fish health inspectorate – to take some samples and find out what the issue is. Unlike most species, eels are always wild caught to on-grow. So they come with their own load of parasites and diseases. The climbing temperatures bring additional pressure. This week we have been salting, making water changes and now have installed a heat exchanger to try to reduce the temperature to something more fun for eels and less fun for pests. We arent the first and certainly wont be the last to find our wide ranging temperature a struggle. Alice drew the symptoms our eels are demonstrating in this illustration. We’ve found next to no info online, so we hope that sharing our story can help others with their issues too. We will keep you posted! Cross your fingers for us guys! #aquaponics #aquaponicsproblems #diseasemanagement #biosecurity #farmissues #agritech #foodtech #anguillaanguilla #conservation #circulareconomics #bristolbusiness #communitybusiness

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